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December 6

Open letter expresses liberal concerns
Physicians prefer newer, more-costly drugs over generics
Second-line treatment extends survival by 5.7 months compared with platinum-pemetrexed
Treatment tops sitagliptin, exenatide, insulin glargine, and placebo in clinical trials

December 5

President urges increased enrollment as law faces GOP axe
Association offers suggestions for cutting red tape
Spending averaged nearly $10,000 per person
Post-marketing study links treatment to reduced risk of cardiovascular death
Treatment is superior to imatinib in adults with CML

December 2

Industry leaders meet at annual health care summit
Other changes sought to reduce regulatory burden
Laparoscopic morcellators spread cancer cells

December 1

Landmark bill heads for Senate vote
Seema Verma’s consulting firm helped shape Medicaid expansion in Indiana
Martin Shkreli takes a slap in the face
Attacks on critical infrastructure seen as ‘acts of war’
Ciprofloxacin formulation studied in lung infections