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October 19

Treatment is limited to patients with specific EGFR mutations
Insoluble compound traps potassium ions
Therapy meets primary endpoint in phase 3 trial

October 18

Funds intended for clinical studies evaluating drugs, biologics, medical devices, or medical foods
Researchers suggests stronger regulatory oversight of endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Product will cost 15% less than the current wholesale acquisition cost of Remicade
Though declining in number, they’re particularly important in underserved areas

October 17

Previously unexplained symptoms associated with multiple copies of a single gene
Penalty illustrates U.S. government’s emphasis on combating health care fraud
Investigational nerve growth factor antibody targets osteoarthritis and back pain
Combining immunotherapeutic treatments with antiestrogen drugs may extend survival
Clinicians advised that current tools underestimate fracture risk in these patients

October 14

MACRA replaces Sustainable Growth Rate
German-made heater-coolers harbor M. chimaera
Radiologist injects immunotherapy drugs into tumors after cryoablation
Agency rethinks plan to classify coffee relative as Schedule I substance
Head-to-head trial compares treatment with Viread